Bing Selfish


Durutti – 25 years in the making, a misty-eyed celebration of the legendary anarchist.

You’re Never Alone with a Drone - Selfish attempts to come to terms with modern warfare. Solo bedroom performance of a song that would later be recorded with The Windsors.

Bing Selfish and the Multiverts bring you three dramatic episodes with poetic intervals from the soulful revelatory album ‘In the Morning we Glow in the Evening we Glow Again’.

Olde Monaco – Bing takes us on a trip around his favourite holiday resort by way of his front room, back room and bathroom.

Wolverhampton Wandering -  A wet and windy stroll around a Black Country city. It’s time to wonder; it’s time to wander. Feel the drips down the back of your neck.

I’m all, like, 1967 -  Moving forwards by moving backwards, bING jumps up and down as he evokes what could be, should be, might have been, to the backing of the mighty Windsors

Right side of my Brain – On their first ever single, Selfish and The Windsors revisit a number first recorded with The Ideals. Features rare live footage and bING eating chips

Bing Selfish and the Ideals: the last gig – recorded on the day the world changed forever, 11 Sep 2001 (you remember?!). A full recital of wit, whimsy and wisdom with the great Simon King on guitar, Jeff Clarke on bass, Chris Cornetto on percussion and Earl of Killorglin on rhythm guitar and vocals.

Novel:  Selfish reads a chapter from his novel A.N.D./O-R

POETRY: bING reads two poems from his collection of odes ‘Selfish City will not Fall’

Two Poems by Bing Selfish from bing selfish on Vimeo.

The Uncertainty Principle: A contemplative unhurried stab at solving the secrets of the universe. From the album ‘Space College and the Theory of Everything’.

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