Libre Albedrio

"The Citizen Kane of the Coalition Era"

- Ed Baxter


"Wonderful garbage"

- Maggie Thomas

Libre Albedrio present...



On a planet of water called earth, Jason Creep, an insane experimental artist believes he has invented the ultimate instrument: The Unstrument.

His beloved creation is stolen. He hires two down-at-heel private dicks, an extraterrestrial and a twelve year old boy, to look into the case.

Their investigations will set them adrift in a crazy world of sound and chaos where noise terrorists, global conglomerates, festival organisers, sound sculptresses and Tyrolean circuit bending saxophonists thrive in a jungle of petty jealousies, pretension and blind ambition.

For anyone with musical taste the future is looking bleak.

Murder, mayhem, music and mystery abound in The Unstrument, a major new full length motion picture from the imaginative psyche of Libre Albedrio. 


Watch the trailer here:

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