The Jordi Hanley Interview



How did you get involved with Libre Albedrío ?

Can't really remember how, just wish I hadn't

What was your favourite moment in the shooting of the film ?

Jason's death.

Least favourite moment ?

Shooting the beach scenes: six weekends of stress.

How much did you get paid ?

A lifetime's supply of paperweights.

Were the directors sympathetic and understanding ?

Well, as I shouldn't say anything bad about SuNray 'cos he's my dad, he was both sympathetic and understanding. As for Selfish, he was the complete opposite.

What’s your favourite film ?

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari.

What’s your favourite TV programme ?

Monty Python/Fawlty Towers

What’s your favourite food ?

Fishsticks and Waldorf salad

 What’s your favourite drink ?

 A screwdriver with one of those little umbrellas

What’s your favourite school subject ?

Avant garde music.

How did you do in your most recent exams?

No comment.

Where do you stand politically on the Palestinian question ?

My lawyer's Palestinian and my agent's Jewish

Do you like sport ?

Yep, especially running uphill and beach fighting.

If you have a free afternoon, how do you spend it ?

With my psychoanalyst.

Would you like to do another film ?

With Libre Albedrio? Forget it!

If you could have a picnic anywhere, where would you have it ?

In El Garraf, of course.

Which planet would you visit if you had a choice and who would be your travelling companion ?

The stranger's planet with Rose Tyler.

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